Outdoor Screened Rooms and Their Benefits

Excellent for relaxing and lounging in with your family and friends from spring to fall, outdoor screened rooms, or three season sunrooms, have become one of the most popular options for outdoor living spaces. It is the perfect solution when you are looking:

  • For a refreshing change in scenery.
  • To be more connected to the outdoor environment.
  • To have access to natural lighting without getting exposed to the scorching sun.
  • To be able to enjoy the outdoors despite of not-so-ideal weather conditions such as rains and storms.
  • To protect your outdoor living space from bugs.

Outdoor screened rooms are one way of extending the use of your patio cover. You can relax in your favourite couch while reading a book on warm April evenings. You can have afternoon cake and cookies with your best friends in cold October afternoons.

What’s even better is that they are not as expensive as other outdoor living options. In fact, you may have a whole screened room constructed or just opt to add screens to your existing covered patio.


You will find this one of the most versatile rooms of the house. You and your family members can do just about anything in it – from eating to relaxing to studying to entertaining visitors. It’s the area of the house where everyone will love to stay and hang out in for a long time.

In fact, even when the weather isn’t co-operating, you can still stay in your three season sunroom. In addition, you get the chance to receive all of the health benefits of prolonged exposure to morning sunlight and fresh air.


You do not require the costly services of a contractor, electrician, and architect. This is because there’s no need to dig and create a foundation, install insulation, and put heating and plumbing systems.

So, you have the option to go as high or as low as you want in terms of your budget. You may even custom-fit the dimensions of your screen or simply go for standard sizes. You may make the finish carpentry as complex or as plain as you want to.

If you already have an existing deck or patio, you can easily customize it and convert it into an outdoor screened room.

Outdoor screened room


They give homeowners the option to keep the screens and windows intact or take them out during the summer so that you’ll have access to natural ventilation and let the fresh air inside. During the winter, you may opt to put them back for a warmer and cosier environment on chilly nights.

One advantage of having removable windows and screens is that homeowners get full control of the air flow and ventilation of outdoor screened rooms. Another is that it makes cleaning and maintenance extremely easy that you don’t have to enlist the services of professional cleaners.

Finally, outdoor screened rooms can be converted to four season rooms so that you can use them all year round. Just add electricity, insulation, heating, and plumbing systems and you’re all set!

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