The Benefits of Patio Awnings

A patio is a nice addition to any home, and patio awnings help extend those benefits. On a patio, you can host a birthday party, a barbecue, or even just a simple dinner.

But if suddenly it rains while you're having a get-together, what are you and your guests supposed to do? You'll have no choice but to stop the fun and retreat indoors.

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This is exactly what awnings are made for. If you had one to shelter your patio, you won't have to go back inside.

There are good and bad sides to the various awnings available. We'll show you why you should forget about a fabric awning, and invest in a permanent aluminum structure.

Standard Patio Fabric Awnings

Patio deck awnings are wide covers that are usually made out of acrylic, vinyl, and yarn. These sheets are laid over light materials like metal, iron, steel, wood, or aluminum.

Unlike permanent solid covers, most patio fabric awnings may be retracted and folded when not needed and when you wish to purposely let more sunlight in.

The downsides are obvious. You must retract them during extreme weather conditions, or risk permanent damage. Fabric can rot and get stained or discoloured. It will require frequent cleaning and maintenance.

An aluminum patio deck awning is a valuable investment that will pay for itself, because of the many benefits it can provide homeowners. The covers are designed to allow light through, but not harmful UV rays.

They can also be upgraded to three season rooms with the addition of sides, as seen on our sunroom design page.

Protects you and your house from the elements

Because of its ability to block some of the sun's harmful UV rays, more homeowners choose to install patio deck awnings. In the case of fabric models, special substances are usually applied to the awnings' material that makes disperse direct sunlight better, and hence protect you from getting sunburned.

It is not really proven whether these solutions actually work, though.

Aside from protecting you and your family members, patio deck awnings also protect your carpeting, wallpaper, and furniture from fading, without having to sacrifice room brightness.

The patio enclosures from Ontario Patio Covers include a transparent roof, specially designed to allow in light, but not harmful UV rays.

Traps debris

Patio awnings can trap outdoor debris like dried twigs. Hence, your patio is kept clean and all times.

However, you have to regularly check and clean your awning by brushing to maintain it in top condition. Fabric awnings that are not maintained will discolour and rot.

A solid awning cover is much stronger, and needs less maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Helps save energy

Patio deck awnings can actually reduce the amount of heat in your home by as much as 77 percent.

A recent study found out that patio awnings solid roof material can lower your electric bill by bringing down the temperature of your home's interiors.

Helps you save on construction expenses

Patio awnings can provide your home with additional space, without having to spend much on labour and materials.

The Benefits of Patio Awnings

For a very reasonable investment, you can add hugely to the enjoyment and value of your home. Later, you can upgrade the existing awning to a three-season room or sunroom.

Adds value to your home

Because patio awnings can contribute to your home's beauty, safety, comfort, and space, they will drive your home's value up without you having to shell out much money for their construction.

Having a patio awning can vastly improve your home's functionality and appearance, making it more attractive to prospective buyers should you wish to sell your house later on.

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