How to Choose Pergola Designs

This article details different pergola designs to choose from and the factors to consider in order to help you make your selection.

If you’ve already settled on having a pergola built in your backyard, that’s an excellent decision, since pergolas can be a high-style yet cost-effective outdoor living option.

However, you have to ensure that you choose one that absolutely meets your requirements, both function-wise and looks-wise.


One of the first things that must keep in mind when thinking about a design is the amount of space in your garden or backyard. This is because the available area will dictate both the size and the shape of the pergola that’s possible to install.

You would want your structure to be proportionate to not only the amount of space in your garden or backyard, but also to your home’s size.

In addition, you can choose from either attached to your home so you can extend your indoor living to the outdoors or those that are freestanding so that you can create a whole new area in your yard.

Pergola design


Pergola designs come in a wide variety of shapes including rectangular, square, circular and even hexagonal configurations. Square and rectangular shapes are the most common pergola designs and are the easiest to attach to a home.

They also come as do-it-yourself kits so that you can put them up by yourself and save on installation fees. Hexagonal and circular pergola designs, on the other hand, look great but may be a little harder to have the attached to your home unless you opt to have them halved so that the flat side can be connected to your house.


Different pergola designs come in a wide range of materials - steel, timber, or aluminum. Each one has its own benefits, but all of them can come in different colours and textures to suit the design of your home.

  • Steel. Treated steel pergolas, unlike timber, won’t decay or rust. They can be installed quickly, especially those in kit form. Furthermore, steel pergolas require less structural support compared to timber pergolas. So if you want a more open feel, go for steel.
  • Timber. Pergolas that are made from timber have a more natural look, texture, and feel. However, they require a lot of maintenance since they must be protected from rot, mould, and mildew.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum pergolas are lightweight yet strong. They’re also easy to maintain since they don’t rust. If you’re living near the coast, an aluminum pergola may be your best bet. If you want greater protection plus more colour options, go for powder-coated ones.
Pergola designs need to be the right size and scale.


Finally, you should consider the type of roof that meets your needs. You don’t have to stick with pergola designs with conventional flat roofs. You may choose from curved, hipped, gabled, double-pitched gables, and so much more.

You may also choose from different roof materials like treated acrylic, open battens, thatching, plants, cloth, and so on.

When considering the type of roof to use, think about your intended use for your pergola. Are you going to use it mainly during the summer? If so, choose a roof that allows plenty of natural lighting in yet blocks heat. Excellent choices are acrylite or battens.

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