3 Season Sunroom

A great sunroom design can enhance your home in many ways.

Thanks,  We are loving our patio cover, especially since it is so hot out.  Syd started Chemo therapy and can’t be in the sun.  He is enjoying his new digs.  Great job.

Elaine B. Brockville. Ont.

What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is an outdoor living room installed on a concrete or wood foundation and whose walls are made of glass and/or screen. There are different types of sunroom:

Reap the Rewards of a Great Sunroom Design
  • Seasonal sunroom. This style of sunroom is made with single-pane glass windows and/or screen. It's not designed to be equipped with an air-conditioner or heater, but it has natural ventilation that adds comfort and helps extend it seasonality. You may even install window shades or blinds.
  • Solarium. This sunroom will give you a panoramic view of the outdoors. It makes use of insulated glass and can be air-conditioned or heated so it can be used all year round. Solariums are usually built with straight eave or curved roof. Screened room. This sunroom has meshed walls or screens to allow the fresh air in and keep insects out at the same time. It is perfect for those who wish to enjoy their sunroom only from spring to fall.
  • Knee-wall room. This sunroom design features a decorative wall that stretches from the ground up to only the windowsill. It allows homeowners some privacy while at the same time not blocking their view of the outdoors. In addition, having a wall makes it easier to install electrical outlets.

3 season sunrooms are an excellent means of home improvement. Since they are relatively inexpensive, the benefits that you would get from having one would surpass the monetary cost by a lot.

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Depending on your chosen sunroom design, your extra living space can be a three-season room or a year-round room, thus increasing you and your family's enjoyment of the area and boosting your home's resale value.

Good For Your Family's Health

Many studies have revealed that exposure to the sun can help with depression and mental illnesses. Because you can lounge comfortably in your sunroom and give yourself a much needed rest, you can lessen your amount of stress by a whole lot.

Also, a sunroom can be used as a cozy gathering area for the family, thereby enhancing relationships. No matter what kind of sunroom design you choose, it will allow you to have a relaxing escape throughout the year.

Saves on Energy Costs

Any sunroom design can contribute to significant savings when compared to a regular room.

Reap the Rewards of a Great Sunroom Design

This is because when well-built, an insulated sunroom will capture the sun's warmth. So you won't have to use electric light fixtures and heaters to make your stay in the sunroom more comfortable.

Also, some sunrooms have natural ventilation systems so you won't have to rely on an air-conditioner during the summer.

Increases Your Home's Value

A sunroom can significantly enhance your home's curb appeal and look. When your sunroom is built to match your entire house's design and style, it can add a touch of luxury and class.

In addition, if your floor area is on the small side, a sunroom is a cost-effective way of increasing your home's square footage, hence increasing the usable space and at the same time boosting the value of your home.

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