The Benefits of Three Season Rooms

Great for lounging and relaxing in from spring to fall, three season rooms are among the most popular outdoor living options around.

A three-season room is the perfect solution when you want:

  • To have a refreshing change of surroundings and be more connected to nature
  • To avoid the scorching sun yet have access to natural lighting
  • To be able to enjoy a scenic view of the outdoors despite not-so-ideal weather conditions like lightning storms and rains; and
  • To keep your home free from bugs and insects.

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Outdoor screened rooms are perfect for homeowners who wish to extend their sunroom's use. Relax in your favourite chair while reading a book on warm May evenings. Have tea and cake with your closest friends in nippy October afternoons.

Of all outdoor-related home additions, only a few provide as much pleasure as three season rooms. What's even better is that it can be built with a surprisingly low investment.


With screen and double-pane glass windows, you can use three season rooms throughout the year, except in the frosty winter season.

You can relax and bask in all the benefits of the outdoors sans the sizzling heat, cold winds, rain, insects, dust, and pollen. You don't have to let the weather and any other disturbances associated with the outdoors to interfere with your activities.

You won't have to worry about sudden and unpredictable rains while hosting your husband's birthday lunch. You won't have to concern yourself about mosquitoes biting your kids.

In addition, outdoor screened rooms will protect your furniture from the elements. There would be no breaking, fading, rusting, and other forms of damage that can be attributed to exposure to sun, rain, snow, and other harsh weather elements.


Building outdoor 3-season rooms won't require the costly services of an architect, contractor, and electrician. This is because you won't have to dig a foundation, apply insulation, and install plumbing and heating systems as you would if it were a four season room you're building. All you need is your anchored deck.

You can go as high or as low as you want in terms of spending. You may customize the size of your porch screens, or just go for standard-sized ones. You may choose the finish carpentry to be as intricate or as plain as you wish.

Regular patio covers or deck covers can be customized into a three season sunroom if you want. This is a nice way to upgrade an existing feature of your home.


Three season rooms are often perceived as the most welcoming area of any house. And all our clients tell us that it is now their favorite place to be. It really increases the living space of the home.

The Benefits of Three Season Rooms

You and your family members can do almost anything here – from resting to eating to entertaining guests. It's the room where everyone will want to stay in for a long time.

Even when outside conditions are not optimal, you can still take pleasure in staying there. Furthermore, three season rooms will give you the chance to reap all the health benefits of exposure to fresh air and sunlight from spring to fall.


During the summer, you have the option of opening the panels and keeping the screens intact so that you can take advantage of natural ventilation and let more air in while being protected form the bugs.

During spring and fall, you may pull up the panels for a warmer room on chilly nights. Aside from allowing you to take full control of air circulation, the removable screens and windows of three season rooms makes cleaning and maintenance simple.

Finally, enjoy your wonderful new room for up to 10 months a year..

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